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As people who are passionate about building business & brands, we’re excited to join hands with the entrepreneurs whose vision we resonate with and traverse this entrepreneurial journey together – and it’s always more fun when there’s skin the game 

Clarity Labs will invest both skill capital and/ or financial capital depending on the vision & the business plan – in the entire business or just one specific revenue vertical as well. 

Our focus is on small & medium enterprises looking to build the brands of the future, but most importantly, a profitable business with growth potential. We’re excited to equip the equipping the ‘every man’ business -not just the kinds that are dreaming of an IPO. 

Keeping in mind the unique nature & challenges of the small-medium enterprise, we’re here to work with entrepreneurs like you from every corner of India, and equip you with all-round, intensive strategic support in every way  - business planning & structuring, business development & sales, creative vision & digital play, operations, network & industry access, setting up an organisation & team and of course, building a robust profit-generating company

While we are looking forward to work with a range of businesses – we’re particularly excited to partner with:
content-to-commerce driven businesses in the lifestyle space (B2C)
content creation or facilitation businesses, content studios etc. (B2B or B2C)
e-commerce (B2C)
business/startup services (B2B) 

You can email us on with a one-paragraph brief about your business and yourself and we will reach out to you with our application form / pitch format if we are interested to learn more. 
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